Got Static? Miami Mold Specialists Launches New Eco-Friendly Static Control Service in South Florida

Got Static? Miami Mold Specialists Launches New Eco-Friendly Static Control Service in South Florida

Florida Environmental Service Provider, Miami Mold Specialists, Expands Business, Adds New All Natural Static Prevention and Static Removal Service Division.


High tech and eco-friendly static control services now available from South Florida’s premier indoor environmental service provider, Miami Mold Specialists.

Static control has been a growing concern with the constant evolution of technology. There are numerous varied stories, media, and videos where electrostatic control systems should have been utilized in a large amount of applications, such as- people with pacemakers being introduced to more frequent and more severe shocks than the average person daily, stories of people catching fire at the gas pump from a simple static spark, computers and electronic devices malfunctioning and shorting out, plus a myriad of other related stories and videos spread across the news and internet displaying the destructive powers of simple static electricity.

Simple preventative measures, such as professional anti-static treatments, can be taken to reduce the chance of a potentially catastrophic static charge incident. As Miami Mold Specialists operates within the indoor environmental service industries, they have recently decided to add anti-static services in South Florida to their growing line of high tech indoor environmental services.

According to Miami Mold Specialists new static electricity service page- “The ACL Staticide 3000G Staticide® Concentrate is an easy-to-use, topical anti-static solution and a highly-effective method for long-term static control. ACL Staticide 3000G is widely used in a broad range of industries, and available in several different formulations.”

High performance anti static cleaning, static removal, and static remediation can be applied on work surfaces and materials, lab benches, computers, safety equipment, chairs, furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, tools, machinery, equipment, clothing, and along with many other different types of materials.

Miami Mold Specialists new anti-static services stops static before it starts. Keeping areas static,dust, and particle free ranging anywhere from several weeks to upwards of six plus months.

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